Conventional Augers

The FarmKing Conventional augers are available in 8″, 10″ and 13″ and 36’, 41’, 51’ and 61’ models with an optional reverse shift gearbox. Double flighting intake has a brass bushing on all conventional auger intake guards. The narrow safety guard and removable tow hitch allow improved access to bins with small hoppers. A storage bracket holds the tow hitch when not in use.

The gearbox is positioned to allow the auger to reach deeper into the bin. The ductile casting houses quality oil seals, ball bearings and casehardened, forged gears, meaning the auger runs smoothly and requires less power.


The double flighting intake increases grain flow. A narrow safety guard and removable tow hitch improve access to bins with small auger hoppers.


The top drive uses #80 roller chain on the 10″ and 13″ models.


The wide stance of the undercarriage improves stability and is constructed with square tubes to enhance strength and durability. In addition to being well balanced, the undercarriage features automotive-type hubs and bearings that improve ease of handling.


Belt-drive engine models are equipped with a self-levelling motor mount and a self-tensioning belt system. Belt guards are included.


  • Diesel Engine Upgrade
  • Full Hydraulic Mover Kit (with Hydraulic Winch)
  • Electric Clutch
  • Collapsible Hopper
  • LED Light Kit
  • Banded Drive Belt
FarmKing 1041
FarmKing 1061 Conventional Auger with Full Mover Kit and Collapsible Hopper