Trailer Model

The Trailer Extractor model has the speed of transport and the flexibility of towing choices in mind.
Choose any vehicle with a standard hitch to get the unit to the field at highway speeds. The machine
can also be run with low horsepower tractors to save depreciation costs.


  • Main auger diameter: 16”
  • HP Required: 100
  • Capacity: 12,000 Bu/Hr
  • Hydraulic flow: 8 GPM @ 2,200 PSI
  • Bag Baler max bag length: 500+
  • Bag diameter: 9’ – 10‘
  • Bag diameter (extension package): 9’ – 12‘
  • PTO: 540

Wrap up your business at the end of the bag and know that your Extractor has wrapped up the mess. The integrated Bag Roller lifts the bag up high, helping eliminate mud, snow and product from wrapping up into the roll.

This coupled with the innovative bag-knife which is positioned to cut the bag at the bottom, all aids in the prevention of bag splitting and tearing along the top of the bag. The bag is rolled into a tight, recycle- ready bale.

The roller and bale release system are all completely hydraulic and solo-operator friendly.

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