Box Scrapers

Shoule has the complete range of land levellers that helps you complete your needs.

The unique design of our curved frame allows dirt to roll inside the basket thus increasing the capacity while preventing lifting of the unit.

HLS Series

The HLS box scraper is ideal for moving soil or to level roads, yards and paddocks. It is also great for backfilling of building sites, feedlots and arenas.

Blade height 30”/76cm

Recommended Horsepower Range 30-100

Available in 8,10 and 12 foot models.

Options include Post for GPS/Laser and Scarifying teeth.

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HLL Series

The HLL Series is designed to be used with tractors from 40 to 110 horsepower. Best in its class in terms of strength and durability, the HLL box scraper can level almost any type of surface from gravel roads to paddocks. Ideal for yard maintenance. Tilt and height functions are controlled by 3 cylinders.

Blade height 30”/76cm

Available in 8, 10 and 12 foot models.

Options include Scarifying Teeth and Post for GPS/Laser.

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